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Tikal, Guatemala

It’s been a while folks, but I have an excuse – I’ve been busy. I’ve missed you though.

Anyhow, Central America is the BOMB! There are lots of things you can do here – check out animals, nature, volcanoes. It’s a real adventure paradise.

Here I checked out some old Mayan ruins in Tikal, Guatemala.

Click here for the transcript.

It is definitely worthwhile giving the less-travelled parts of Central America a go.


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Apparently in Australia, it’s mostly cold. While Summer is just around the corner (or is it?) you could bring a ray of sunshine to your life NOW by booking an awesome tour to Costa Rica for 24 February – 5 March 2011!

Discovering Deaf Worlds is partnering with GoPhilanthropic to introduce you to volcanoes, jungles, and the deaf community in Costa Rica. You’ll learn LESCO (Costa Rican Sign Language), discover more about efforts to create a sign-language dictionary, and meet deaf students in San Jose.

Details available at: http://www.deafworlds.org/programs/journeys

(images from Discovering Deaf Worlds).

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Cornfields in the USA

As an ex-pat Australian living in the good ol’ USA, regular correspondent Elissa gives us the inside deets on what makes America a great place to visit for deaf travellers!

Click here for the transcript.

I’m looking forward to visiting Illinois one day, and eating bucketloads of corn!

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There are some nice advantages to being deaf when travelling. The video below shares a couple of those with you.

Click here for the transcript.

There are probably thousands of other benefits to being deaf. Another one is not having to listen to the dodgy music your bus driver chooses play on long journeys, for example. Win!

Can you think of some?

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Deaf Hostelling pictureIf you are keen on meeting up with deaf people overseas, you might want to give DeafHostelling a try.

I haven’t used it yet, but it sounds fantastic.

You can sign up, meet for coffee, and even crash out on a spare bed or couch of another DeafHostelling member overseas. Alternatively, if you’re staying home, you can meet people from all over the world in the comfort of your favorite local cafe!

Take a peek at: www.deafhostelling.com

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We all know that being a deaf traveller is just like being a non-deaf (hearing) traveller.

It really isn’t that different.

Still, here are some handy hints for intrepid deaf explorers to help solve some common annoyances!

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Intrepid explorer Elissa visited South Africa recently and loved it.

Here she tells us about the animals you can spot in the wild. She also gives us a few safety tips as well!

p.s. We’re having a few hiccups. If it’s hard to view the subtitles, click here to watch it on our youtube page.

Even though the World Cup is now over, there are definitely still reasons to visit South Africa!

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