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Cancun in Mexico has a reputation for being big, bold and brash.

It sure is.

But the beaches are beautiful, and if you visit outside of peak period of time like I did, surprisingly quiet. What”s more, compared to the rocky shores in Europe, the sand is ever so gentle on the feet!

Captions should appear automatically on the video, but if they don’t, click “CC” to get them. Click here if you want the transcript.

If you visit Cancun, it shouldn’t be the only place you visit. If you can, try to visit Playa Del Carmen, Isla Mujeres and Tulum too!


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Our newest correspondent, Catherine Miller, recently visited Spain. Here Catherine shares her tips on having fun in the land of tapas, churros, and wine.

Click here for the transcript.

Catherine’s key hint? Check out the smaller towns! They are easy to get to via bus, and well worth the effort.

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Hot, beautiful Cyprus

The small country of Cyprus is so hot, I had to sit down while making this video.

The weather is deaf-initely not for the faint-hearted, though the humidity is less than in Asia!

Click on this link for the Cyprus video transcript.

If you like lazy days, easy access to the sea, kebabs, figs and grapes, Cyprus is for you.

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Recently married couple Adam and Niamh took time out on their honeymoon to share some details about Bali, Indonesia.

Clearly, Bali is a great place for a honeymoon. It has beautiful resorts, cheap food and shopping, and great waves for surfing.

What more could you want?

P.S. We are now rolling out plain text transcripts of video content for people who are blind or vision impaired. Click here for the Bali video transcript.

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Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is my hometown, and I am a devoted, devoted fan.

Even more fabulous though, is this guest post by Vicky and edited by Jarett. It tells you exactly why you should visit Melbourne, Australia!

Who wouldn’t want to explore Melbourne’s exciting laneways and street art, and watch no-holds-barred AFL (Australian Football League) footy!

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We all know that being a deaf traveller is just like being a non-deaf (hearing) traveller.

It really isn’t that different.

Still, here are some handy hints for intrepid deaf explorers to help solve some common annoyances!

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Intrepid explorer Elissa visited South Africa recently and loved it.

Here she tells us about the animals you can spot in the wild. She also gives us a few safety tips as well!

p.s. We’re having a few hiccups. If it’s hard to view the subtitles, click here to watch it on our youtube page.

Even though the World Cup is now over, there are definitely still reasons to visit South Africa!

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