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Apparently in Australia, it’s mostly cold. While Summer is just around the corner (or is it?) you could bring a ray of sunshine to your life NOW by booking an awesome tour to Costa Rica for 24 February – 5 March 2011!

Discovering Deaf Worlds is partnering with GoPhilanthropic to introduce you to volcanoes, jungles, and the deaf community in Costa Rica. You’ll learn LESCO (Costa Rican Sign Language), discover more about efforts to create a sign-language dictionary, and meet deaf students in San Jose.

Details available at: http://www.deafworlds.org/programs/journeys

(images from Discovering Deaf Worlds).


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Free Bulgarian Sign Language lessons

A woman at free Bulgarian Sign Language classes


In the Bulgarian language, this is a combination of two words: “gesture” and “eye”. It is also the name of a new online TV channel that some wonderful Bulgarians are keen to set up for their community.

The channel will provide news and entertainment programs translated into Bulgarian Sign Language, with captions. Basic sign-language lessons will also be provided on site. That’s because as well as providing access to information to deaf and hard of hearing people (a cause after DeafPlanet’s own heart), the team behind the channel are keen to encourage formal recognition of Bulgarian Sign Language in Bulgaria.

They are currently looking for funding and members to help out with research, website and content development, and sign language translation.

If you know of grants the team can apply for,  or think you might have time to help, email me at deafplanet2010@gmail.com with details!

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In Australia, it’s easy to take things for granted.

Things like being able to learn sign language, via friends, dictionaries, DVDs, websites, and classes like the ones that Vicdeaf provides in Victoria.

Laos Sign Language dictionary

Inside the LSL dictionary

Thanks to the amazing Momobooks who provided funding and printed 3,000 copies, the deaf unit in Vientiane, Laos now have a small sign language dictionary recording basic LSL (Laos Sign Language).

Despite only having limited numbers of copies, they even kindly gave me one!

The deaf unit and Momobooks know they still have a way to go before LSL is commonly used and understood. They hope to make their current dictionary available via DVD, and they also want to do more research so that LSL can be better recorded, taught, and even used to help teach English!

This costs money, and they don’t have much.

If you feel like maybe you can help, email me.

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Contributing to DeafPlanet

Photo by BigTallGuy - www.bigtallguy.co.ukIf you’re travelling or living somewhere in the world this year and would like to submit a story to this site,  EMAIL ME (deafplanet2010@gmail.com)!  I’ll provide you with details, hints and tips.

And don’t worry, it doesn’t matter if you sign Auslan, ASL, or any other variety of sign-language, or if you are  hard-of-hearing, and don’t use sign-language  at all. All videos will be captioned before they appear on site, and I’ll work with you on that.

The past few days have been high on travelling and low on blog-posting.

But stay tuned. After a couple of extra stories on Malaysia, it’ll be all about Singapore and Thailand! Whoot.

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